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IT Support For Property Management

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IT Support For Property Management

We support your computers, printers and office internet connections.


Got a computer that won't print? We will have it running by today.


Having site connectivity issues? We deal with the ISP to get everything online.

Security Cameras

Got cameras down? Our team can help with new or old systems.


Got outdated phones needing support? We've been telecom specialists for 20yrs.


Servers - We provide ongoing server support or daily management. Keep everything up to date.


Networks - From network outages to network monitoring, we keep your systems running smooth.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems - Keep your alarm systems monitored and running smooth with our regular support.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems - We specialize in multi-family access control for complicated properties.

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Service & Support Options
Corporate Office Support

We assist IT managers or people tasked with running their companies IT department. For those who require an extra set of hands or eyes on the problem, we are exactly that.. When you need boots on the ground or a remote help desk to call when the West Coast office goes down, call this number. 214-699-6579

Remote Office IT Support

We support remote offices with their IT problems and setup requirements. We send technicians to site and get issues resolved the first time. When you need boots on the ground or a remote help desk to call when the West Coast office goes down, call this number. 214-699-6579

Access Control Support & Maintenance

Monthly support & maintenance for your access control system or door hardware. It's common for doors, handles and locking hardware to ware out and need routine replacement. We offer hourly support or monthly service contracts to keep your residents happy and getting in.

Alarm & Camera Systems

Security alarm systems require routine inspection and battery replacement for wireless devices. Our technicians can come out quarterly or annually to insure your system is staying protected. If camera systems are in place, we can re-aim any cameras that have shifted & clean the lenses. All device firmware is updated while onsite as well.

Network & Internet Support

We respond to network & internet outages right away. We can install monitoring systems that let everyone know when a site is down and why. We provide regular security vulnerability tests on networks to ensure safety of your data.


Download our support brochure or other sales documents here. To view our monthly contracts, please contact sales at 214-699-6579.


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